Bàn phím Bluetooth cho tablet Android TK-FBP067BK




We adopt stands possible new mechanism in keyboard in tablet! Bluetooth (R) keyboard for Windows/Android tablet that power supply becomes ON only by the stands doing tablet.
Features of keyboard

Stable deferment shape that we can type

Add tablet to stands possible new fashion-formed design in keyboard, and is heavier than normal keyboard to realize stable typing; is designed.

It supports tablet of three phases of thickness with adjuster

We can change stands part to three phases of thickness by adjusting attached tablet adjuster.

Both dry cell / USB feeding correspondence

Even one size AA battery works, but there is not need to worry about running out of battery because we can feed by USB microB connection.

※AC adapter for USB feeding is necessary separately.

Wireless connection simple in Bluetooth®

Because we can be connected to tablet devices in Wireless, we can keep desk rotation clearly. In addition, we can be connected to PC of the Bluetooth® deployment.

Comfortable typing is possible

We adopt Key pitch and the Japanese 87 key to 17.5mm although being compact, and comfortable typing is possible.

OS simple change

We change mode for Windows and mode for Android in bullet by pushing Mode change key and can use.

Pantograph method

In Key type, we adopt “pantograph method” same as keyboard of note PC.

Fingerprint is hard to run out

Top case adopts Matte-like surface finish that fingerprint is hard to be outstanding.

The multifunction key deployment

We can perform volume operation or operation of Media Player by pushing key which icon is listed in.

※We may not work definitely depending on use environment.

Isolation design

Because it is structure that separated distance of key and key, we reduce typo to push plural keys at the same time.

Original font that it is easy to see

It is stylish in key top and uses original font that it is easy to see.

● Power switch is equipped with by stands part

● We locate four big slipper rubber in base

It is automatically in power supply ON only by power switch being equipped with by stands part, and the stands doing tablet, and it is in OFF if we remove.

※It is necessary to turn off main power supply of the keyboard body.
We locate four big slipper rubber in keyboard base and realize stable typing.
ELECOM Keyboard layout
ELECOM Keyboard layout
ELECOM’s original application that key input is possible according to printing of keyboard at Android terminal※
When setting of the OS connected Bluetooth® keyboard which adopted Japanese array to Android terminal of English sequence and entered characters, some said that we felt inconvenience because printing on key top and letter which was really input were different in before. ”ELECOM Keyboard layout” breaks off such dissatisfaction and is convenient application to support up of work efficiency.
※This application is for exclusive use after Android4.1.
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